About us

iGaming SEO & Sports Betting SEO Specialists

At Bettor Media, we are at the forefront of driving success to online gambling sites. We exist to provide benefit to our customers through the utilisation of innovative techniques, delivered by our industry-leading team offering expert services in website design, SEO and affiliate marketing. We have been at the cutting edge of gaming site development over 8 years.

Who We Are

Our team has taken on the responsibility of helping huge global brands grow their organic traffic.

We pride ourselves off our simple but effective customer service that allows us to be transparent and efficient. We help clients from start to finish with their SEO strategies and create bespoke plans that are tailored for success.

We believe heavily in being honest with our clients, letting them know what we feel would be the best approach for their websites and giving honourable timeframes for our work.

We cater for the following industries:

  • Online Casino
  • Sports Betting
  • Online Bingo
  • Online Poker
  • Online Slots
  • eSports

Bettor Media has worked with global brands and also brands that are niche to a particular country. We have iGaming SEO experience in the following GEO’s: Europe, USA, Canada, Australasia, Africa, Asia, Middle East and more. We have dedicated account managers for certain areas. These team members are experienced and developed in iGaming SEO for their sectors and would be your designated account manager. The benefit of this is that they already understand that particular market and how competitive it is, they are familiar with what keywords certain brands should target and also have prior experience of SEO strategies that have worked and can be implemented on your website.

Our SEO Services

We offer bespoke iGaming SEO services to help your website reach #1.

Content SEO

At Bettor Media we have an in-house SEO content team who can provide optimised content. Content marketing is massively important. The creativity of our writing team along with the help of our content tools allow us to produce SEO content of the highest order. If you are looking for landing page content, reviews, supporting articles, niche blog posts, outreach articles & more, we can provide them.

Technical SEO

Bettor Media can provide you with a site audit that analyses the possible areas of your website that could be having a negative effect on your rankings. Using our Technical SEO checklist, we will delve into your site and locate areas of change or improvement.

Forget the gloss, we will hand over easily readable reports that comply with our transparent service, so you know exactly what we need to do and how we will do it. We will also point out which suggestions are critical and which ones are just recommendable.

Link Building

In an industry as competitive as iGaming, having the right link building strategy is crucial. Your iGaming SEO rankings can be heavily improved with effective outreach. Our SEO team know this first hand from previous experience and therefore as part of our SEO strategy, we will list the different link building plans we have and which ones we think would be best for your brand.

Why Choose Us?

Bettor Media has been active within the industry since 2013 and has focused solely on iGaming. We ourselves have had huge success with Casino and Sports Betting affiliate sites over the years and now wish to share this success with other brands looking to rank #1 on Google, just like we did.

Our experience and knowledge of iGaming SEO over the years means that we are now able to understand why certain strategies work for some websites and not for others and what other SEO strategies can be implemented where necessary.

Our team has over 25+ years of expertise combined, not just in iGaming SEO but in the SEO industry as a whole. Gambling SEO is not like SEO in other industries, therefore when finding an SEO agency to help you improve your organic search rankings, it is important for that agency to understand the fundamentals of Gambling SEO, whether it be Casino SEO, Online Poker SEO, etc.

We understand the value of casino SEO and the potential ROI. Which is why we position ourselves as not only an agency that delivers results, but is also fair and understanding towards clients, no matter how big or small.


What is iGaming SEO?

The iGaming industry is one that is constantly growing. It is becoming not only bigger, but better. As new developers enter the market with new ideas, games, jackpots and more. Now is the perfect time to get involved and invest in iGaming SEO. Our SEO strategy is planned to precision in order to help you improve your rankings in the search engine you choose.

There are many digital marketing tactics that competitors are using to increase the visibility of their casino brands. SEO is at the top of that list for most. The reason for this is because of the proven results of increasing organic search listings, generating leads, increase website traffic and most importantly increasing ROI.

Not all our strategies are the same. We have different plans for different markets; so whether you are in need of Casino SEO, or any other Gambling SEO. Based on our own success and client success, we can create a proposal that outlines the strategies we can implement, whether that be Content Marketing, Technical SEO and a Link Building strategy. Not only that, but we will also work within your budget.

What SEO Services Do I Need?

When you enquire about our iGaming SEO service, we will look into your brand/ or brands and suggest what we feel you need in order to get the results you are after, both in terms of SEO services and also other digital marketing ideas we feel appropriate. We also listen to the client’s demands and do our best to make sure they are met.

Not all proposals have to be long term. We do not force our clients into any agreements or contracts that do not suit them. Our iGaming SEO team will create a strategy and a timeframe to implement this effectively.

We like to plan ahead with our Link Building also, therefore we create plans that target months in advance, finding links relevant for pages on your website, whether you are looking to boost your generic casino and sports betting landing pages, or whether you are targeting upcoming events.

Why Choose iGaming SEO over PPC?

SEO is one of the best types of digital marketing you can invest in. Sometimes it can be a short investment for a long term gain. Content for example, casino SEO content can be competitive for a considerable amount of time once done correctly. Although if you need our link building SEO services, this can be a marketing plan that lasts months or even years if you are seeing great benefit.