Casino SEO

As Casino SEO Specialists, we can help your website generate business through organic search, helping you gain more traffic and brand awareness.

Investing in Casino SEO is one of the best digital marketing strategies for ROI. It is essential for all online casino and sports betting companies. The iGaming industry is extremely competitive, which is why an effective SEO strategy is crucial for success.

Casino SEO Services

We have experience working with some of the largest, global online casino and sports betting brands. We offer a range of different SEO services.

Content Creation

We have an in-house content team with over 10+ years experience between them in creating iGaming content. We provide SEO optimised content for landing pages, supporting content, reviews, niche blog posts, outreach articles and more. With assistance from some of the most recommendable content tools, we provide unique, well-written and researched content. Assisted with our link building and technical SEO support, this content will help achieve competitive rankings in Google and other search engines.

Website Audit

Our Technical SEO team will be able to provide an SEO audit which will help improve the efficiency of your website. It will allow your website to improve its rankings in a search engine and increase site performance.
In this iGaming SEO site audit, we will find potential areas for improvement within your website and find areas that may possibly be having a negative effect on your website’s performance. Once these areas have been analysed, we will then put together a plan to improve the site and remove anything that may be holding it back.

In the site audit we look into your site speed, user interface, hosting, content quality, functionality, performance, experience and your site health.

Keyword Research

We provide thorough keyword research to make sure you are targeting all keywords relatable to your website and ensure your customers can find your site when searching for these competitive terms. Organic web results is one of the most common ways in which a customer finds a bookmaker or online casino, which is why it is so important to make sure you rank for those terms.

Our team of analysts will help compare your current rankings to your competitors and find keyword gaps. As well as this, they will research other keywords or phrases that your site is relevant to and put a plan in place to target those keywords.

Link Building

The right link building strategy is vital. In the Casino SEO industry, link building is more important than other niches as it is more competitive. Our account managers and in-house SEO team will be willing to plan your link building in stages. Finding new opportunities and websites that are highly relevant and authoritative.

Link building will play a big part in helping you reach #1 on Google for your competitive keywords. There are different ways in which we can build links to websites that are going to pass authority through to yours.

Why Gambling SEO Matters

The online gambling industry is so competitive that having the best betting offers or casino games is irrelevant if you don’t have the customers. Your customers need to know your website exists and feel compelled to visit it.
The iGaming industry is always changing and evolving, just like SEO. Our SEO strategies are tailored towards new changes and proven techniques to help your site. Casino SEO is an investment that can have a huge effect and financial reward.

Website Rankings Are Important

At Bettor Media we believe that there is no place after #1. First is where we aim, anything other than that is last place.

This is not to say that being second for a hugely competitive keyword is a bad thing, that is great. However the higher we are in search engine rankings, the more opportunity a site has to engage with customers and get more traffic. From previous experience, we have witnessed the dramatic change in website visitors from even the slightest change in rankings when it comes to being at the top.

Using the Casino SEO strategies listed above, we will ensure that we have the right plan in place for you to target the top spots in a search engine and help guide your website towards #1.

Competition Analysis

We understand what it takes to challenge the competition and rank #1 for main keywords and phrases, we have years of experience doing this ourselves for sites we have previously owned. Now we use this knowledge to help clients tackle their competitors and analyse what they are missing and what is needed to be better than the other sites in the search engines.

Conversion Rates

Organic traffic means nothing if it doesn’t convert. There are techniques that can be implemented to improve conversion rates and make a customer more likely to engage with your website, whether that be signing up to your casino site or perhaps claiming one of the exclusive bonuses you advertise.

If you have an easy to navigate website that is fast, aesthetically pleasing and responses, then your chances of converting are higher. Our SEO team looks into each client website to find areas of improvement and ways to get more conversions from your traffic.


What is Casino SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Therefore Casino SEO is about helping your online casino site be better optimised to rank competitively and gain traffic. From this you will gain customers that can provide excellent ROI. Areas within Casino SEO where we have expertise include: Online Casinos, Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Slots, eSports, Bingo, Lottery and also Sports Betting.

Is Link Building Important in iGaming SEO?

Link Building is very important when it comes to your SEO strategy. Having relevant referrals from high quality websites is a great indicator for Google that your site is trustworthy and also one of the best on the internet for a particular topic or subject. Link Building is an SEO service that requires long term investment for the best results. We create link building plans, such as a 3 month plan so we can help forecast results to expect.

What if my website offers Sports Betting as well as a Casino?

We also cater for Sports Betting SEO as well as for online casinos. At Bettor Media we are experienced in SEO for both and our strategies are different for each. This is because the competitors within each niche are different and there are ways in which we are able to improve organic search can differ.

What Can I Expect in Return For My Investment?

Our SEO services are well researched and planned before we even start working on your website. This plan is shared with you so that you are with us every step of the way and still maintain full control. ROI results are dependent on multiple factors based on your current website positioning and your budget. With a consultation, we can explain and show you what strategy to put in place and a timeframe for this. We pride ourselves off our honest and transparent approach.

Is Blogger Outreach Important?

Yes. Blogger outreach is one of the most popular forms of link building and it is highly effective. We class it as an essential part to the link building strategy and as an SEO agency we have a wide range of quality links heavily relevant to iGaming sites. We have seen improvements in rankings for keywords that were targeted during an outreach campaign and this led to an increase in organic traffic for our clients.

We make sure the backlinks are on high quality sites, we do not offer PBN links or any spam.

How Long Will it Take to See Results?

There is no set timeframe for results, some can be almost immediate whilst others take longer, this is because it depends on the competitiveness of the keywords and also whether you are simply just providing content, or content and links to help rank for that particular keyword. Overall, results can be expected after around 2/3 months, once movement has started and we can see more clearly what is working, we can then increase this and after 6 months significant movement will have happened.