Content Creation Services

The Importance of Good Content Writing

Bespoke SEO optimised content writing is a service that Bettor Media provides in abundance. Our highly trained expert writers are capable of producing engaging content that is tailored to your website. Whether it be blog articles, press releases, money page content, ghost-writing, you name it, we do it.

No two articles are the same. Our written content is unique and matches the tone of the client’s site, so that it captivates the audience. SEO optimised content means producing quality content that also follows SEO best practices and can rank competitively for it’s targeted keywords. It is an essential part of a solid SEO plan. No content writing services have the expertise we have.

Our Content Writing Services

Landing Page Content

Our experienced writers know first hand how to write compelling landing page content that is not only going to drive traffic, but also traffic that converts to sales. Having had affiliate sites and white-label casinos in the past, Bettor Media understands what it takes to be top and be the best when it comes to content writing.

Our experience allows us to see what is working for your industry and how to write website content that your audience is going to be interested in and trust. Unlike other professional content writing services, we have had Sports Betting affiliate sites in the past that ranked in the top 3 for competitive terms such as “Betting Sites” and “Free Bets”. There were many SEO practices that we had to master in order to achieve this and exceptional SEO content writing was at the forefront of it.


The aim of copywriting is to write persuasive, promotional articles and we are more than capable of doing that for your website! We research each topic intensively beforehand as well as the client’s website. We keep our clients involved as much as they want to be and any requests they have, we provide as well as giving them our help and opinions. This allows us to maximise SEO practices.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are a great way to help support the main pages and also gain more traffic through exciting posts that are trending within the niche. Our team comes up with blog posts ideas based on trends, traffic volume and how competitive the keywords are. Bettor Media makes sure all content written is relevant to the website and it’s niche.

Press Releases

Press releases are becoming more popular it seems within SEO. They are news stories that are published to be read by specific members of the media. This means that the tonality of the content is crucial and also all points are covered to make it fit for purpose. It is an excellent marketing strategy to help drive traffic to a website, something that should be capitalised on.


Another great marketing technique is creating infographics. They allow audiences to read something with a bit more personality than just a standard post. They are normally based around an event and have interesting facts and images. It is a great way to get readers’ attention.

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions can be the decider for whether or not a potential customer goes through with a purchase. Therefore each word is vital. The length of the text, grammar, vocabulary, etc all play a major part. So make sure that your descriptions are left in the hands of trained professionals.

Website Traffic Driven By Quality Content

Search engines are constantly improving and algorithms are changing in order to find the best sources of information for given topics. There have been many unethical methods used in the past that have allowed sites to be able to rank by having high quantity content, but no quality.

However, those days are gone and nowadays search engines like Google are on the lookout for quality content. By this, we mean informative content that really hits the nail on the head. Content that is grammatically correct, easy to read, content rich, etc.

One issue that some websites have is keyword stuffing. This is a negative SEO practice and will not benefit your website rankings at all. The content you want your audience to read has to make sense.

Bettor Media’s writers have the ability to analyse your existing content as well as create new content. So we can see whether or not the content that is already on the site is not optimised to be able to compete in the SERPs. We have a number of different techniques and tools that we use in order to produce pages with high content quality. We do not use freelance writers, all our writers are in-house.

Before any work has begun, we create a Search Engine Optimisation strategy, where we will look at the existing website and all of its pages and content will be an area we will make recommendations to strengthen, suggesting new pages to build where there are content gaps and also edits that needs to be made to existing pages to make them more powerful.

Web content is a factor of SEO that has more of an impact on search engine rankings than ever before, so make sure yours is done correctly.

Search Intent

One way in which search results are ordered is based on the search intent. What are the potential customers searching for and which web page gives them the best possible answer. Well the best possible answer is the one that offers the most detailed information and content. Your content needs to provide the answers to the questions being searched. Our SEO experts can help make your content thorough. Whether it be blog content, landing pages, homepages, product descriptions, we cover it all.

The aim is to turn a visitor into a customer. Excellent content is at the forefront of that, it needs to be suited to the target audience. Our content writing services offer the experience needed to see what type of content works for different audiences. When it comes to web copy content, in the iGaming niche, there is a certain way viewers like to see information written, the tonality is key.

Search Performance Analysis

Search Performance analysis is created by our team before we start creating any new content. It allows us to put a strategy in place that makes sense to clients and also to us, based on what the search results are showing.

The strategy involves us doing initial research to group keywords together for specific pages, seeing what sites are top of the search engine results for those keywords and how their content is positioned. We also look at the keyword difficulty as it will indicate how much depth we have to go into with the content and also inform us on whether or not other SEO ranking factors will need to be considered, such as link building.

We look at the demographics of the pages. Who is the audience? Knowing this will really help with tonality. You want to engage your readers, you want to deliver content that is top quality content.

Content Mapping

Content mapping is a great way to plan all the SEO content that needs to be created for a website so that all the relevant keywords are targeted and the consumer has all the information they need. As well as main page content, it is important to map out blog posts and supporting content for those pages as this is going to help boost the rankings of the money page and provide more information for readers. Just like main page content, supporting articles need to be good quality to benefit the site more in a search engine.

This relates back to search intent and making sure that you have what the customer is looking for. This would all be part of the content strategy that we can send over to you in a proposal. Just contact us today and get yours for free!

We use multiple SEO tools in order to map out content. These tools allow us to find content gaps, niche keywords, main keywords, trending topics and more.

User Experience

When customers are clicking on web pages, they are going to read through the ones that offer them the best experience as a user. The first thing they look at is the aesthetics. Is the website outdated, is the information positioned well? Does it look clean and easy to follow? These are all factors to consider. Having a well designed user interface also improves your site’s SEO and will help it’s rankings in the SERPs.

By speaking to one of our SEO consultants, we can help you understand what user interface is best for your niche. So if it is the iGaming industry or sports betting industry, our team can guide you through what features to improve and what consumers are after. We have over 10 years experience doing this and we specialise in iGaming and sports betting, so our expertise can really help you.

We will also do health checks on your website to see what could possibly be having a negative effect on your rankings.

Benefits of Our Content Writing Agency Service

Bettor Media specialise in iGaming and Sports Betting SEO. Before becoming an agency, we had multiple affiliate websites within the two industries and therefore website content was being created on a daily basis. We know first hand how to provide high quality content for a content rich website and even sites that require minimal content, like casinos and sports betting sites. Many content writers out there lack the expertise for this industry and don’t understand what works, which can have a detrimental effect on sites trying to rank in such a competitive niche. Here are some benefits that we pride ourselves off:

Fast Delivery

We set realistic timeframes for our articles in order to make it the best it can be. For content to be perfect, it goes through multiple stages as part of our process so that it is compelling content for the users. Our time frames also suggest that for the work we are doing, we are able to deliver it quickly so that you can get it uploaded and see how it reacts in the search engine rankings. Content writing services should be honest with clients and not just rush work to meet fast delivery times.

Professional In-House SEO Content Team

High quality content is at its best when done in-house. Our content writing service is provided by an in-house content writing team where we are able to communicate easily together to ensure customer demands are met. Our team members work on specific areas, so if it is blog writing you are after, we have an expert for that, if it is main page website content you need, we also have an expert for that too. Our team of expert writers are trained to be able to use a variety of content tools, so your blog articles, money pages, etc are at the highest quality.

Content Quality

It goes without saying that we want to provide a content marketing strategy and written content that is oozing with quality. The content needs to be fit for purpose and tailored to the target audience. Search engines and their algorithms are beginning to understand search intent more and more and understand what type of content is preferred for users. This is why a content writing service like Bettor Media is reliable. Our content writers have years of experience writing iGaming and Sports Betting content.

Content Service Process

Amazing content cannot simply just be written up and published. There is a process in place to get it to the quality that search engines are looking for. All expert content creators and content producers plan their content before writing it up. Here is the process we use:

Listing The Content Order

Firstly we speak with the client about the articles that they want to create and how our writing services can help them to do this. We will then provide transparent pricing which is a fair reflection on the work we will be producing.

Research & Analysis

Our team of SEO professionals will research the topics before writing them. This research includes content mapping, keyword research, technical topics to include, what the potential customers are, what titles and meta descriptions to use and how to make the content unique. This will also help give many clients a time estimation.

Creating The First Draft

Once we have all the tools and resources we need, we will create a draft web copy of the articles. Here the client will be able to see our unique content and how it targets the relevant keywords and captures the audience’s attention, allowing them to build trust with the website. The client is free to make any comments and changes that they wish, as our service allows them to make unlimited revisions!

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Once the client is satisfied, the content writers will send over the finished copy of the website content. To help our clients further, we can actually handle the uploading and interlinking of the content so that it has the best chance of ranking! Aside from the web content, there are other features that need to be added, such as internal links, images, meta tags, etc, so you can leave that to us.

Content Writing FAQs

Will the Content be SEO Optimised?

Our content writers ensure that all content is SEO optimised. This is massively important as it gives your web page a better online presence. Even if it is blog content or supporting content, it is still website content that needs to be the best it can be in order to rank well and engage viewers.

Why Should I Use Bettor Media Writing Services?

Bettor Media is not like any other agency offering iGaming content writing services. We have the experience that they don’t. Before Bettor Media Agency, we had our own successful affiliate sites and white-label casinos which we sold. We now use that experience and expertise to help others in the industry. Over the years we have written website content that has ranked in the top 3 for hugely competitive terms. We are a brand that our clients trust, because we have once been in the client’s shoes. You will not be disappointed in our writing service!

How Do You Measure High Quality Content?

There are different ways in which we analyse content writing to value it as high quality website content. Firstly, it needs to have a respectable word count based on what the top rankers have produced. It needs to include all the keywords that need to be targeted for the purpose of SEO, however they cannot just be stuffed in. Our content writers make sure that the text has a nice flow to it and is very detailed.