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High Quality Link Building Service

Bettor Media are a reliable and transparent link building agency that finds high quality placement sites to improve your search engine rankings. Our goal is to rank your website higher for targeted keywords, making sure you can reach #1 on Google and gain more traffic and customers.

Link Building Services


Guest Posts

Guest Posts, or also known as Blogger Outreach is one of the most effective link building strategies and should be one of the main focuses for your link building campaign. We have a huge range of high quality guest posting sites that accept any niche. They are genuine sites with high Domain Rating and real traffic.

Niche Edits

Niche edits are a great alternative to guest posts. This allows you to have your link placed in a pre-existing article. A great way to help boost your website by placing your link on a page that is already ranking for your targeted keywords and also has a lot of domain authority.

Tailored Campaigns

We can prepare link campaigns that are specific to your brand and your keywords. We can find placement sites that are within your niche and are highly relevant for your website, this is one of the most important factors when link building.

PR Campaigns

Online media is becoming increasingly popular and there is now advertising space available for you to get your brand featured and viewed by a huge audience. This is much more beneficial than the traditional marketing strategies.


What is Link Building?

Link building is one of the most important SEO strategies. It is vital when trying to increase your search engine rankings for highly competitive search terms that are going to massively increase your website traffic and visibility.

Building links to certain pages will help to increase the rankings for the keywords of that page, it is a fundamental digital marketing technique for competitive niches. For example if you have a casino website and you want to rank higher for the keyword “Online Casino”, then to do this successfully, you need the right link building plan exerted.

For iGaming SEO, link building is more important than it is for other niches that are perhaps less competitive. A good link building plan is based on getting referral links from websites that have a high domain authority, high traffic values and perhaps not so many referring domains linking to your competitors. As well as this, it can also be helpful to build links to sites of lower traffic and authority, making it look more natural to search engines such as Google.

In an industry like gambling, having the right strategy can be difficult, which is why as a link building agency we take the pressure off you and use our expertise to make sure it is done correctly.


How Does Link Building Work?

We have an efficient link building process in place that allows us to get client websites featured on premium websites that are going to improve rankings and brand visibility.

We have an in-house link building team that communicates with existing websites and new websites on a daily basis to great different link building packages at a fair price for clients. We work with clients from start to finish to get their desired results. We consider their backlink requirements as well as suggesting strategies we feel will work for them based on our own experiences with iGaming websites.


Link Building Process

Through years of experience as a link building company, we have created what we feel is the best possible link building strategy and process for our clients in order to deliver results.


It all starts with finding placement sites for clients. We have a huge inventory of premium sites for all niches. Not only that, we have websites that accept links from other niches too. Being in the iGaming industry, we have had to do intensive research to find sites that will accept Gambling links, so we now have iGaming guest post sites and also other niches. We don’t just offer any old sites accepting links, our link opportunities include websites that can be found at the top of search results for keywords relevant to your site. The link profile of these sites is also important, we do not want to offer our clients any backlinks that are from sites with an unnatural backlink profile.

Quality Content

If we are building guest post links or publishing a PR campaign, then the content needs to be quality. Too many sites have articles that look like spam and are not engaging. The more engaging the better, so we have an in-house content team that can produce excellent content articles that suit the tone of the websites and are useful, instead of being generic content that readers of the website are not interested in. We explain to all our clients the value of content marketing.

Live Backlinks

Once the websites have been found and the content has been created with your referral URL embedded in the article, it is time to get it published! We work with webmasters to get the articles live on the sites so that you have an official backlink, providing SEO value. We can offer both “DoFollow” and “NoFollow” links as well as “Sponsored” and non-sponsored posts.

White Hat Link Building

White hat link building strategies are methods of link building that comply within the terms and conditions of the search engine. Our methods of link building are safe and are white hat in the sense that they are referral links from genuine sites with a real audience and the site owner has the option to choose whether or not they would accept our link on their website. We do not deal with black hat methods such as PBN links which could have negative SEO effect on your website and give our link building services a bad reputation.


Why Work With Bettor Media?


We Have Been Doing It For Years

Bettor Media have been building links in the iGaming Industry for nearly 10 years. Throughout those years we have seen the way link building has changed, how Google has changed it’s values and what methods they prefer. We have experience ranking our own gambling websites and white-label casinos, having taken one of our old websites to rank #1 for the highly competitive keywords “Betting Sites” and “Free Bets”.

Now we have changed our approach and have branched out into becoming an SEO & Digital Marketing agency where Link Building is one of our bespoke services. We are able to use our skills and experience to help clients rank their websites just like we have done in the past. We are one of the only SEO agencies that specialise in iGaming SEO and gambling link building services.

We Work With Other Businesses & Agencies

From our experience, we have developed relationships with agencies that have multiple high quality sites that are reliable. We also take on the outreach for other agencies that have their own clients, as we are deemed a credible source for placement sites and also offer a transparent, simple service that works for agencies. We offer fast communication and always keep our clients in the loop.

We Are Very Price Competitive

A lot of our clients appreciate our cheap prices! It is so easy to be charged premium prices for sites that do not reflect the cost. Especially within the iGaming industry, other link building agencies try to overcharge their clients, which means they end up spending a lot more money for not as good results.

We keep our prices low and we are actually better priced that most! If you are able to find an agency that can beat us on price, we will consider charging you even less than them so that we can offer you the best priced links. We want our results to be a fair reflection on the budget spent.

Our Strategies Work

Our Link Builders have delivered results for clients time and time again. From working on our own iGaming affiliate sites, to working with client affiliate sites and Casino/ Sports Betting companies, we have developed a lot of knowledge and experience that has allowed us to conclude what strategies work for different niches and budgets.

We follow strict guidelines which means that the links we build will help improve rankings and will not cause penalties from search engines. We also look for extra detail when it comes to building links, for example the number of links those sites have to competitors, whether they share the post to their social media, etc.

We Have Tailored Link Building Plans

Not all clients need the same links. Therefore we create custom plans based off the clients websites and budgets. For example if you had a sports betting website, we create a link building strategy towards obtaining more high quality sports and betting links, whereas if you have an online poker site, we will find quality links from poker domains and also casino domains.

We like to plan ahead and that is why we give you the option of a 3 month plan. We can create one for free for your website which will let us plan how many high quality backlinks you need and how we can obtain them within the upcoming months.

We Take The Weight Off Your Shoulders

We can handle your link building from start to finish. Link building can be strenuous and should not be rushed. It takes time to find highly relevant blogger outreach sites that are worth getting a referral from. There is a lot of analysis that is done behind the scenes that the client doesn’t see which helps provide them with a high authority link.

In some cases, the client we work with does like to be involved in the process and maintain some control, which is completely fine. We communicate regularly with clients to provide updates on progress and show them how our process works.


Hear What Our Customers Have To Save About Us!


Casino Client
casino link building client

Nowadays I use Bettor Media exclusively for iGaming link building and other Digital Marketing needs. They are the only service that has been able to deliver the high-quality links that I’m after. What I love is that they themselves have had huge success within the gambling industry, so you’re working with someone who’s always at the top of the game when it comes to SEO link building. Their communication is also great. Whenever I ask a question, they answer me back straight away. I highly recommend Bettor Media if you are looking for link building services and also for content marketing too.

Bingo Client

link building bingo

I have been using Bettor media as my link building agency for the last 6 months. We created an outreach plan to choose the best links for specific pages and anchor texts.  They are particularly good at spotting great link opportunities and authority websites that have improved the rankings on a number of my money pages. When you compare Bettor Media to other companies that offer similar link building services, their services are much better value for money. They don’t offer set prices based on metrics. Instead, they supply a well-researched plan with individual pricing per site. I definitely recommend using Bettor Agency for your iGaming SEO, they are the best link building agency I have used.


Customising Your Outreach

Bettor Media offers flexibility when it comes to our link building service. We allow clients to choose a combination of strategies, sites, content structures, etc. This is so that it works with their targeted keywords, pages and also their budget. Here is how you can customise your plan:

Site Metrics

All sites come with their own metrics, this is how we decide the quality of a website. Websites with high metrics and low spam will be deemed high quality backlinks. Examples of metrics would include: Domain Rating/ Domain Authority, Referring Domains, Total Keywords, Total Organic Traffic, Organic Keywords, and more.

Blog Content

Choosing the length of your content is important. Typically the longer the article, the better. The reason for this is not only is it engaging for readers, but if it is well written and even SEO optimised then it has a good chance of ranking. We offer different levels of content, starting from 500-word articles to 1000+ words. Once the content has been created, you can quality check and proofread it if you feel necessary, this ensures that you are completely satisfied with the article before it is published.

Link Duration

Not all backlinks are permanent. In some cases, links can be live for 1 year, or 6 months, 3 months or even 1 month. We are honest with our clients and make sure they know the duration of their links on a website. So if they are after permanent placements only, that is what we provide. If for whatever reason a site is taken down, we can look at alternative replacements for you.



Do You Offer Link Packages?

No. Link packages are bad value for money in our opinion, especially in iGaming SEO. A link package tells customers that all links of similar metrics are valued the same when that is not the case. In a lot of cases, 2 high quality links can massively differ in price, therefore if one is cheaper than the other, we will charge a cheaper price, unlike agencies with link packages who will make you spend more. Our SEO link building service allows you to get better value for your money and potentially better results.

Do I Get to See Where My Links Are Going Before They Are Live?

Yes, our transparent process means that you are updated from start to finish. We will provide you with a range of sites and all their qualities. From there you can either choose them yourself or you can use our help to pick the best link building sites. Once the domains have been chosen, the content is then created, confirmed by you as the client and then the article is published.

Can You Share Examples Of Live Posts That You Have Created?

Yes. Enquire about our link building company today and we will share examples of pre-built backlinks from existing link building campaigns. We have built a huge number of links that our clients are very happy with, especially the ones that have ranked well in the search results.

How Do Your Prices Compare to Other Agencies?

We are determined not to be beaten on price! A lot of link building companies try to overprice their links based on the fact that their clients are in the gambling industry. Whereas we keep our prices fair as our mission is to ensure we deliver results at the cheapest cost for the client. If for some reason an SEO agency is able to try and beat us on price, we will match their price.

How Important is Link Relevancy?

Link relevancy is one of the main factors to consider in a link building strategy. When looking for SEO link building, you want to look for premium sites that are within the same niche, as a primary option. Many link building services, especially packages, will not necessarily build you links that are related to your industry and although not every link needs to be highly relevant, it is essential that a lot of them are as relevant as possible. There are other factors that contribute to link relevancy, such as Traffic GEO, for example having the main traffic from the United Kingdom if you have a UK website.

What Other Links Can You Build Other Than Blog Posts?

Besides guest post blogs, on high authority sites, we can also offer homepage links, text links and banner ads. These come at different prices to blog posts and are typically not permanent. If you are interested in these links then enquire about them today and we can provide you with some great options. As link builders, we cover all bases!

How Do We Choose Anchor Text?

When it comes to link building, anchor text is important and because of that reason we can provide anchor text analysis for clients, where we not only look at the anchor text variation of your site, but also your competitors in order to recommend different variants and also how many times to use each one. This should have a positive effect on your SEO search rankings. Anchor text is important as it is the keyword that a search engine looks at when being referred to a different URL.

Can You Get Free Links?

In some cases, it is possible to acquire free backlinks, although high authority websites tend to charge a fee. There are a few different techniques of doing this. For example broken link building or perhaps supplying a website with exceptional content that is perfect for their sites. This can require a lot of manual outreach and therefore if it is something you want to look into, you can get further advice from us.