One Way Link Building Strategies

Link building continues to play an integral part in SEO across all industries and you should implement it into your strategy if you haven’t already. At Bettor Media, we have found clear evidence to support the fact that link building improves SERP rankings and also the website authority.

One-way link building is one of the simplest but sometimes the most difficult type of link building technique. The reason for this is because link juice is only passed one way. You are essentially getting a link on a website, without them getting a link on yours. This is an effective method that can be done in many ways and we are going to show you how.

You can actually read our full guide on how to build backlinks, to further understand the power of backlinks and the different methods you can undergo to obtain back links and give your website a strong backlink profile.

We feel it is necessary to use different techniques and tactics when building links, the more strategies you implement, the better. If your competitors are building links in different ways, then you should be to.

One Way Link Building Strategies

Guest Posts

Guests Posts are a highly popular form of outreach, the impact can be highly significant. What this form of link building entails is submitting an article to go on a website which will be informative to their audience. Within that article, there will be a referral link that will recommend visitors to your site for more information.

For example, let’s say you had an online casino, you may look for casino blog sites or other informative sites about the same niche which have strong site metrics to get back links on. Then from here, you will write an informative piece of content for their visitors and include a link within the article which will allow readers to be directed to your online casino to view more about a specific piece of information. If it is an article about online slots, you may then decide to include a referral link to your online slots page.

Guest posts are also great because they can be the longest serving link that you have on a particular site. Some site owners will keep the links live permanently, for however long that site exists on a search engine, whilst some may only do it for a year or 2. However this is still better than other forms of link building, for example website banners, which can be on for a matter of months.

Guest Posts are at the pinnacle of the link building services that we offer, we have a hunger number of sites that are willing to let you advertise on their site and put links back to your website on their pages. We can send you over a free list of high-quality lists, just let us know! We can also help you choose anchor text and referral URLs.

Press Release

This form of link building seems to be increasing in popularity, it is a great way to attract new visitors to your site. A method called targeted distribution is used to ensure that your piece of marketing is put in front of the relevant audience to attract the right customers to your site. Press Releases are catching people’s eyes as a way to build quality backlinks because it is less common than guest posting, it is a method that people are using in hope that their competitors are not really doing it.

It is important that your press release is well written and shared across popular outlets to see the most benefit. Your backlink profile can increase significantly using press releases and the increase in traffic will allow search engines to see that you have information that is useful and relevant to more people, so will improve your rankings.

Link Insertions

A link insertion can be one of the fastest and simplest forms of obtaining a back link. Link inserts, as they are also referred to as, is simply adding a link to your website, into an existing article on a blog site, or any niche of site for that matter.

When might you do this? Well, if a site has mentioned your brand and not linked back to your site, in order to provide the audience with more information, you may reach out to that site and say something like “hey, I noticed you have mentioned my website and not linked to it, how about adding a link back to my website”.

Or, if you manage to find an article on a website which perfectly describes a product or service on your website, you may reach out and ask them how much it would cost to include a link to your site in their existing article, which is gaining a lot of views.

Blog Comments

Blog comments is an easy way to try and get some sort of positive reaction on your site, there is a debate on how much impact it can have on search engine rankings. If you decide to post regular, relevant comments on different blogs, you do have a chance of being able to pass some sort of traffic through to your site. Of course, it is not a given, but it is a possibility.

Make sure that your blog comments are not poor quality and are well written, useful and informative. A lot of readers will ignore any generic comment, they want it to be insightful. You are also adding more value to the site’s blog post, which will benefit them too and could see them linking back to your site in the future.

Social Media Links

Social media shares are seen as a great boost in confidence to Google. The more social shares you have, the better. It can really help improve your site’s visibility and engagement amongst visitors. Sharing something on your site, on social media, shows that your site has something worth seeing, that other people should see.

Search engines heavily trust social media links, whether it is a share across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You are able to do so much with social shares, which helps push the engagement of a post. Google have openly said that these types of inbound links are effective.


Directories are incredibly easy to get links on, that is why sometimes it is best to dig deeper and look for more specific ones that have other reviews and editorials on, not ones that are spammed with bad websites.

Some directories have certain rules and regulations when it comes to being featured on their site and although that may be annoying to comply by, it often means that the sites that are already mentioned on their site, are of good quality.

How Many One Way Links Do I Need?

The amount of one-way links that you need on your site will vary depending on numerous factors. There are a few things you need to look at an analyse to come to this conclusion.

You firstly need to know why you are building these links. What is it that you are trying to improve or achieve? It is to advertise a new product/ service? Perhaps you are doing it to build some brand awareness. If this is the case, how many people are you trying to reach out to? Are you wanting to reach people on a global scale or a much shorter scale, like just one particular city or town?

As we mentioned earlier, one of the main purposes of building links is to improve the authority of your site and show the search engines that your site can be trusted and is recommended for particular topics.

You will find that the more authoritative your site gets and the more it is ranking for in search engines, the more links you will be building. Take for example, they build a huge amount of links and get so many referrals on a daily basis because they are one of the most authoritative sites on the web. Whereas if you have a brand-new site, with no backlinks, you are not going to then build thousands straight away, you are slowly going to build them, so it looks as natural as possible.

Looking at how your competitors are building links is also a good structure to follow. If you notice that a few of your competitors are building around 10-20 links a month, then you try and do the same. It will all depend on how competitive the industry is, some industries that are worth more, will build more due to it being harder to rank higher for their keywords. Take a look at what they are building as well, not just how many. What sites are they building to, what pages are they getting referrals to, what anchor text are they using and what is the surrounding information about.

Not all the links that your competitors have are going to be top draw, a quality link is of course more beneficial than lesser quality links, however you don’t necessarily need to best of the best. Sites with lower metrics than others can actually be more powerful, if they are less spammy and less of your competitors link to them.

Quality backlinks are analysed in many ways, a lot of SEO companies and site owners look at different factors, which can often then cause confusion when a company then delegates with a client or site owner that doesn’t understand their research. Some focus purely on domain authority, whilst others look at a broader range of metrics, like total traffic, referring domains, keywords and more. Some focus on spam score, whilst others don’t look at that at all, neither is right or wrong. It is all dependent on the preference of the site owner.

One Way Link Building V Reciprocal Link Building

There is often a debate about whether one way link building or reciprocal link building is more beneficial. There are positives and negatives on both sides, but in our opinion, we feel one way link building is a preferred and better way of building links because it means that you do not have to share link juice by referring visitors to other sites, which may be your competitors.

Reciprocal link building means getting a link on a website and in return, they get a link on yours. It is also referred to as link exchange. It can be good in the sense that you build a good relationship with other site owners and it can also be a free method of building links, if it is a straight exchange, where as one way link building can come at a cost sometimes.

It is important to make sure that if you are going to look at reciprocal link building, you are going to give your visitors a trusted and useful site to be referred to from your site. So, there is much more to consider as opposed to when you are just looking at one way links.

Where Can You Go for Help?

Understanding the whole concept of link building can be difficult. If it was easy, we would all be ranking first for our relevant terms. If you need help, then feel free to speak to us. We will spend quality time helping you find the answers you need to have an effective link building strategy and talk you through other SEO factors to help surround your link building with. We are one of the most popular SEO companies in the iGaming industry, having ranked sites in the past for competitive sports betting keywords such as “Betting Sites” and “Free Bets”.